Our Core Values

Joy – Joyful Creations Studio strives to help every student find joy in making music and develop a passion and lifelong love of music.

Confidence – The focus at our studio is on the process, not performance. Each individual is unique and learns in their own way and on their own timetable. Our research-based curriculum has proven to reach children with all types of learning styles. This mindset will encourage each student, giving them the confidence needed to thrive.

Connections – We are committed to providing a safe place for families to learn and grow, and to connect with other families. We intend to nurture meaningful and lasting friendships and build a community of support for our enrolled families.

Creativity – In our unplugged environment, children and adults will feel inspired to be creative and imaginative. They will feel valued as an individual, accepted, and empowered to become the best musician they can be, and to dance like no one is watching.

Support – We recognize that parents are their child’s first and best teacher. Our goal is to support parents and caregivers by providing them with the knowledge, resources and confidence they need to assist them in raising their child.


Try a no obligation free trial class to make sure Kindermusik is right for you.  Look for the tab at the top of the page that says "Preview Class". You will see a listing of classes that are available to preview as well as the age range of students in that class.  Select the best option for you and follow the prompts to try a free trial class and experience the joy of Kindermusik.






Music and movement classes in our community

With more than 40 years of experience as the leader in musical learning, Kindermusik International understands music’s unique ability to impact children (and families!) in profound ways.  Across private studios, public schools, and childcare centers in over 70 countries, children, parents, and teachers enjoy participating in Kindermusik’s fun, developmentally specific, and research-based music and movement classes. Parents also appreciate how enrollment in Kindermusik includes home materials, including their favorite songs, stories, and learning activities from class, so families can “play” Kindermusik wherever they go.