Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents. Ludwig van Beethoven

Our daughter absolutely loves her Kindermusik class with Miss Jill! We look forward to it every week! It's amazing to see the kids learn and grow together! Songs, sounds, and activities that we have learned during class come up many times throughout our week, so I know our daughter is really learning and grasping new ideas each time we go to Kindermusik!   Holly W.


We have noticed that our daughter has shown an increase in knowledge in general, but her imagination and patience has increased.  She has learned to listen better, and we see her interacting and sharing with other children better since she began Kindermusik. We also love that she pretends more at home, utilizing what she has learned from Kindermusik class.        Brittney G.


I want you to know that my daughter wakes up almost daily asking if it is music class day!!! This morning she was running and marching in the kitchen and would "freeze" when I said stop in sign she really is picking up on some of the items you are doing. Thank you for offering this class so our daughter can be a part!        Kristen G.


My daughter is just shy of 2 years old, and has been attending Kindermusik class for nearly a year.  She loved music, dancing, and reading prior to starting class, but since then, has flourished with connecting movement, rhythm, sounds, and signs with the world around her.     Kasey L.


Every parent says that they will try to teach their child sign language at some point or another to assist with communication.  We did a few signs here and there, but never really stuck to it consistently.  Our granddaughter, 1 1/2 years old, has begun learning signs at Kindermusik, which relate to the lessons each week, ultimately making our lives and communication better at home.  Monya L.